All about Malaysia!

Comic Sans MS

I love food so much. I can literally eat all day long without any problem. Im not alerrgic to anything so it doesnt affect me at all. My dream is to one day travel the world to diffrent countries and eat all of the food from the diffrent restaurants.

Everynight I look forward to coming home to my mother's good cooking. Usually every Friday night,she cooks me my faviorte food dish but lately she hasn't and i'm really upset because I've had to buy food from McDonalds. Although I like Mcdonalds, I perfer my mother food better because its actually real food, as in meat.

Here's a common dish I have brought from McDonalds:

My favorite foods consist of:

This weekend my mom has decided to go shopping for some food for the house, because she's noticed that I haven't been myself when eating McDonalds' food everyday.

Here's what she's going to buy:

I wanna end my website by tellng everyone its okay to eat, as long as you're open to diffrent things.